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Via Francigena - Day 8 & 9

Into Bari this morning and the app GPS took me on a long route around the city to avoid major roads and making for a solid 23+ kilometres hike. A mix up with my accommodation booking hade waiting around for a couple of hours until I knew what I was doing. Eventually it was sorted and I was able to plan a rest day in Bari, meaning a stay if two nights

To the cathedral in Bari, this one is dedicated to St Nicholas. Yes this is the Saint that the called Fr Christmas after.

A walk back through the olive groves into Bari.

Apartment buildings along the coastline of Bari. Bari is quite a big city of over a million people who live in the area.

Appon arrival at the cathedral I saw a wedding in process!

Inside the cathedral. St Nicholas of Greek origin is credited with proclaiming Kyrie eleison ( Lord have mercy) through out the region of Pugia ( the south eastern coast of Italy) and is probably why we use it still in our mass today.

The altar underneath the main church chapel.

The chapel underground chapel. Apparently St Nicholas' tomb is here but his remains are not.

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