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Via Francigena - Day 7

After Molfetta I decided to break the next walk up between Bari and head inland to Bitonto. Bitonto is on the main inland route of the Via Francigena and is a more direct route from Rome, where the two trails meet in Bari and head down the coast from there.

Our Lady of the Assention church Bitonto.

Heading out of Molfetta there is shrine dedicated to the Holy Cross of Jesus.

I headed down the coast for an hour to the town of where to beaches of rock started to give way to just rock coast line.

This is interesting because along the shore there were many people hunting for octopus and it started to show up on caffe and resturant menus. A local delicacy.

Building in town square of Giovinazzo.

The cathedral in Giovinazzo, Our Lady of the Assumption.

I believe I have found the narrowest alleyway in Italy, and yes I went through it, in Giovinazzo.

From Giovinazzo I headed inland to Bitonto and left the nice ocean breeze and scenery for a more agriculture landscape of olive trees. On arriving in Bitonto there was no shortage of churches though.

The Church of St Damian and Cosmos.

Built in the 1960's is a fairly recent church.

The saints reputed to be twin brothers are the patrons of medicine and healing.

Church of St Gaetan.

Inside St Gaetan.

The ceiling is the stand out.

The main attraction in town though is the cathedral of Our Lady Of the Assumption.

Inside the cathedral.

The roof timbers each with its on unique decoration.

Our Lady in the pillar outside the cathedral.

At night time this seems to be the gathering place for the young.

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