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Via Francigena - Day 5

On the road again and this time I was able to follow the beach road for about 5km and the rest was on back roads no main roads till Trani.

But before I left it was a quick breakfast stop. It is amazing how far you can go on one of these things 😁.

Another thing Italy does well is it public drinking water supply. These fountains can be found all over Rome and in most tows and cities I have been to. It makes replenishing water supply quick and easy.

The road out of town.

Once again quite roads with plenty of agriculture along the way, mainly grapevines.

Early morning still and I was into Trani. The first thing I noticed was the stunning church of Our Lady of the Annunciation, situated at the head of the harbour.

The lower chapel.

The another lower chapel that is being used while the upper church is being renovated.

The church is situated at the top of the Port/ marina.

Adjacent the church is a fortress/ castle similar to the one in Barlettafor similar purpoiti defend the Port from attack.


Trani a city made of stone, silar to Barletta especially in the old parts.

A selection of church's from around town.

Inside the church of St Peter, the priest in the church asked me who I was told me tourists take pictures and don't pray locals pray but don't take pictures. I explained to him who I was in patchy Italian and he proceeded give me a tour of his church and adjoining buildings in his patchy English.

One of the parks on top of the hill near my accommodation.

The afternoon sun setting on the Our Lady of the Annunciation. It will be quite something when they Finnish all the reservations.

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