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Via Francigena - Day 4

I have planed to stay two nights in a city on the weekend, firstly to make sure I have good rest and secondly so I will be able to attend Sunday mass.

Mass in the Cathedral Santa Maria Maggiore.

An early morning swim to sart the day before heading off to Mass.

Not much happening in town during the day as it was another swelter. Best thing to do is to head back to the accommodation and rest up.

Barletta like so many cities in southern Europe come alive again around 8pm. I was lucky enough to be able to catch a Eucharistic procession in the hounour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, June being the month of the Sacred Heart.

The parade moved around the block and stoped at various images of the Sacred Heart where it was venerated and a blessing given.

People in the balconys above let of crackers and threw confetti over the procession.

Another image on the route.

Back along the main street.

And finally back to the church where everyone was given a blessing with the Eucharist Sacrament.

Into the church of the Sacred Heart where they finished with benediction. The last night in Barletta time to hit the road again tomorrow.

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