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Via Francigena - Day 3

The day before had taken its toll on me, but luckily today's walk was only around 10km, and most of it was on flat sealed road off the highway with little traffic. Leaving at seven I was able to complete the walk to Barletta before the heat of the day set.

The 'back' road to Barletta.

They have snakes in Italy! I think this one was victim of road kill and did not look to be moving at all.

The back road wound its way through grape vines and agriculture land. This is more like the pilgrim trek I was hopping for.

Although I did have one bridge to contend with, to cross a large, and doge the traffic.

Early morning arrival in Barletta and another amazing bech to great me, lined with palm trees.

The riggers of the day before starting to take its toll on my feet with multiple blisters breaking out.

A quick walk through town to see some sights and grab some lunch before I found my accommodation and took a well earned siesta.

A church I could not find the name of

A statute of Our Lady, called the Fountain of the Madonna in the centre of a town square, in front of the church.

The Sacra Speco based on the church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, a nod to the pilgrim nature of the town.

Outside the church is a bit of an oddity, a statue of an Emperor of Rome that no one knows who it is. It was moved around the country side for a few centuries in and out storage and at one time was to be melted down to make bells for a church. But in the late middle ages someone decided to plant in its position now and it has been there ever since.

The cathedral in town is called the Basilica of St Mary Major. On the sunny day the white stone shines brightly.

The bell tower coming through the centre of town.

Just across the road is a castle that is just as stunning, designed in a square shape with the corners pointing out in a diamonds on each corner. There is also a large mote that runs around the perimeter.

It is just as stunning at night time.

So is the cathedral with centre of town busing with activity now that siesta' are over and the heat of the day is gone.

In front of the castle is a park which hosted a dance night featuring all styles and ages and was a big hit with the local's. It went late into the night, long past I could sustain to see and that was my day.

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