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Via Francigena - Day 22

A bit of a reprieve in the trail distance down to 14 kilometres which meant that at 5km's an hour I should be in the next stop in only 3 hours. I have been trying to get walking by 6am but usually really don't get going till about 6.30am once I have managed to navigate through town and fill water bottles and maybe grab some fruit or snack for the road if any shops are open. This was the penaltimate day of the journey.

Martano had a wonderful B&B that provided a good breakfast which even included home made pastries.

Even though the leg was shorter it was as challenging as the typically flat roads of the olive plains. The trail stated to make way for an asent into more hilly terrain which ran down the center of the bottom of the Puliga peninsula. Along with the terrain change the weather also took on a more humid feel like a northern Australian summer.

The southern Puliga coastline, with small fort lookout under repair work.

Unfortunately my phone battery died fairly early on the morning walk and I was unable to check my position on the map, so I had to rely on trail markings (which were few) and my sense of direction (guess work) to find the way to Tricase. A lovely rest stop just outside the city of Tricase complete with gum trees, was a welcome site.

The assent into town with the local cathedral in the back of the picture.

The church of St Mary of the Nativity.

Inside main altar of St Mary of the Nativity.

After getting a decent rest and finding a new charger for my phone I was ready for the final days walk to Santa Maria di Leuca.

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