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Via Francigena - Day 2

Today felt like it was the real start of the treak, a night on the road and out of Rome. An early morning start at six o'clock and I was on the trail. It was to be big day ahead with a 30 km leg but I think it turned out to be closer to 40 km for the day!

I decided to walk along the beach today as walking along side the road was quite difficult a a bit dangerous at times as there is not alot ( or any) verg on the hiway.

Early morning at the camp beach but not before the sun had come up.

Miles of clear flat shoreline made for good walking conditions and peaceful surroundings away from the traffic.

All along the cost is doted with private beach areas, there were literally dozens of these beaches and hundreds of shelters. I wonder if they ever get filled?

My first obstacle of the day an inlet that meant I had to track back to the highway to cross over it on the bridge.

As the weather heated up 35C deg+ I took measures to stay best protected from the sun as I could.

By 10: 30am I had made the town of Zapponetta.

The Church of St Michael's in the main square. I grabbed some lunch and took a break at one of the beach shelters to wait out the heat of the day.

This is still very much Pardre Pio country, a stute covered in rosaries outside a caffe bar in Zapponetta.

The day proved too long for my electrical equipment, the phone battery died and my Garmin tracking watch gave out about 5km out of Margarita di Savoia. Lucky I made it and was able to relax in a guest room over liking the town square.

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