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Via Francigena - Day 19

Another big day ahead, heading out of Lecce at about 6am and today I was off to Martano, a 31km hike and temperatures moving into the mid to high 30's.

The path out of town led me through the center of the old city and I took some pics of some of the churches I passed.

The gate of Porta Rudiae, as I entered into the old city of Lecce, the gate is dedicated to Saint Oronzo who the patron Saint of Lecce, with St Irene and St Dominic.

This is the app map I was working from every day. As long as I kept the red dot (me) on the red line I would end up in my destination hopefully by the end of the day. Surprisingly I was checking it a lot more than I thought I would need to due to a lack of clear signage on the trails and the many different paths through the fields.

Some of the trails along the way.

I walked all morning until I reached Martano and was able to find accommodation and take a well earned rest in the afternoon before exploring the town in the evening.

Our Lady of the Assumption church with the obligatory rosary group preceding the 7p mass.

A church in the middle of the town square.(not Our Lady of the Assumption)

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