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Via Francigena - Day 14

Two weeks down and I was well and truly over the halfway mark. I think that was around Monopoli. I headed to Brindisi quite a big city with a big port still very well used today, and by a lot of ferries to cross the Adriatic

A statue of The Blessed Virgin in the park where I took my midday break, in the outer suburbs of Brindisi.

Leaving Torre Santa Sabina in the morning.

Looking over the bay on way out of Torre Santa Sabina. Amazing it was just down the road that I meet my first fellow pilgrims on the track. Two young ladies hikking down to Santa Maria di Leuca as well. They said they started in Monopoli jest two day ago and I believe they were from Milan. I offer to walk with them but they told me not wait for them.

A home made chapel in the entrance of someone's driveway. See if you can identify all the statues.

Trail through the dunes.

An old fort on the edge of the cliff top apparently there was a fresh water stream running into the sea that was used by ships to top up drinking supplies.

Without being able to find a decent rest place along the coast I decided to push on into Brindisi outer suburbs and rest there. The road into town cut the rout from the coast and went through grape vine.

Entry into Brindisi, a large mural on the side of the apartments. Just down from here was the park where I found a panini bar ( sandwich bar) and the park with the Madonna statue.

On the way into Brindisi was a water drain leading into the bay where I could here sounds of ducks call out.

And there were the duck.

Old fort on the way into the old city of Brindisi.

My accommodation was again around the corner from an amazing church, this one was Our Lady Queen of Angeles.


The main altar, the columns have got a St Peter's Basilica ( Rome) style to them. St Francis and St Clare each side of the pillars this church was built up by St Lawrence of Brindisi a Franciscan, in the 1600's and it still run by Franciscans.

The ceiling artwork was spectacular.

The ceiling above the altar.

After evening prayer it was time to retire for the day as it had been another long journey. My body is starting to feel the stress of continual long days and I had decided to stay another night in Brindisi to rest it up a bit more before heading down the ' heal' Italy.

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