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Via Francigena - Day 13

I delayed my start to the day by about an hour to be able take in the breakfast provided by the B&B host. What a breakfast it was from eggs, toast, yogurts, cakes and croissants it was well worth it and gave me a boost for the new day.

Next to the B&B was a large scale commercial nercery that looked like it produced plants for councils or revegetation projects.

Some historical housing with the circular roofs which were typical in this area centuries ago.

Back through the olive plains and there was an historical structure that dates back to the 2nd century AD, not sure if it is Roman or not.

There was an old building bride the stone structure that I maned to climb up the stairs and take a few pictures over the plains with the hills in the background.

There was even a horse ranch along the way.

Between the olive rows in the distance I could see a city on the hill called Ostina. Or otherwise know as the 'whute city' as it sticks out owith all its white stone used on its buildings and walls.

Another shot out of the Olives, I did not go to this City as it was not on the way but it looked very interesting.

Back under the railway lines.

And I was heading back to the coast again.

Where I managed to find a resting spot for lunch break, swim and seista.

Another long day a few more hours brought me to the beach side town of Torre Santa Sabina where another good night's sleep was had.

A small fort at the head of the Port was the feature of the town.

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