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Via Francigena - Day 10

Leaft Bari after a two night stop over, I didn't get to see much as it was more of a rest and recoperation wash cloths and relax a bit spend a bit of time at the beach.

On the way out of town I hadn't got to the town foreshore and it really is quite amazing.

Bari foreshore, with lampposts running for about 2 km along the road.

One thing I like about visiting all these cities is that thay all have a very strong attachment to thier particular Saint, and Bari is no different with St Nicholas. St Nicholas statues can be seen all over town including in cafe bars. This mural on the side of a building depicts St Nicholas streaching out over what looks like the Adriatic Sea to unite the East and the West. Not sure if they are suggesting that he can do it with pilates?

Some random Bari pictures as walked out of town. First is a church with a beautiful mosaic on the front of the Blessed Virgin and Child Jesus, surrounded by what looks like St Nicholas and an order of sister.

Main road in Bari.

A church within the last century.

Bari foreshore, the beaches out at either end of the city.

Out of Bari and the next town along the way was a little fishing port of Torre a Mare, the fish outlets lined the roads with their catch of the day

At testimonial to just how big those octopus 🐙 can get 😉.

Late morning I arrived in Mola di Bari, got some supplies from the lock mini market and out the front was old mate Pio again. He certainly has made an impact in this part of the world.

I found a set up for an out door mass in front of the local fortress, that was to celebrate 50 years of a prayer action group in the church I think? I would return later in the evening to participate in it.

After I had checked into my hotel and took my siesta I returned to find that there had been a thunderstorm that went through the town and made a mess of the outdoor mass plans. This has been the only rain I have encountered on the trip it must have lasted an hour or two then clear skies again.

I joined them later in a packed church on a warm humid evening for mass.

After mass I went out for dinner and found another piazza packed with people out on town, the common life style of the southern European's where the city or town practicaly shuts down after lunch by 2 pm and reopens at about 7pm and everyone awakens again from siesta and goes till lat at night. This rythm although practical for the warther does not bode well for a pilgrim looking for a quick dinner and an early night for a early start in the day around 6 am.

Again on the forshore, this was a Saturday night but it is pretty standard of evernight in this part of the world.

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