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The Rector's Gita

Exams have finished and it brings end the academic year and my first year in seminary. Now was a bit of time to relax and enjoy ourselves before the third year students get ordained as deacons and the college beaks for the summer.

The rector's Gita this year took us out to the small town about two hours drive North East of Rome called Montefiascone. This town is situated on the edge of an ancient volcanic lake on top of a hill some 600 meters high as the name suggests. It is home to an impressive cathedral and an ancient Castel as well as a basilica dedicated to St Flavian.

The view from the top of Montefiascone, Lake Bolsena, the larger volcanic lake in Europe.

St Flavians Basilica where we were going to celbrate mass was unfortunately unavailable due to some maintenance being carried out in the floor.

St Flavian was a Noble man in the area who professed Christianity as his faith as was put to death for in the mid 300's. He was know to be the the father of Saint Bibiana who is better know in the church, and who has a basilica dedicated to her in Rome as a virgin martyr.

The lower level was closed due to maintenance being carried out so unfortunately we could not celbrate mass or see the mosaics or frescoes in the church from the 13 th century.

Further up the hill and in the centre of town is the cathedral dedicated to St Margarita, who is a patron of the diocese along with St Flavian.

The basilica has a lower section which contains the body of St Lucia Phillipi.

The altar in the centre of a round configurated church, with St Lucia underneath.

The top chapel is the same shape, as the bottom except the main altar is situated to one side.

The ceiling.

One of the side altars.

After mass we walked further up the hill where there was a mediaeval castle where we enjoyed a luncheon in restaurant at the bottom of it.

That concluded our academic year and it was back to Rome.

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