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The Local Church

Updated: Mar 19

OK, I have to admit this is some local church. It is the Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls. ("Outside the Walls" as it was located outside the Aurelian Wall which at the time defined the city of Rome boundary). It is still a functioning church with daily masses and confession available. It is run by the Benedictine monks and has been since its founding under Pope Gregory II 711-731. It contains the tomb of St Paul and dates back to 65-67 AD. It has under gone many upgrades over the centuries but most recently and notably in 1823 when it caught on fire and was burnt down and had to be extensively rebuilt. We will be attending mass on some weekends and special occasions while here, although we do have a two chapels onsite at the Beda for daily Mass. I have attached a link on my web page to a web site with a lot more details. I have a feeling I will be spending a lot of time over there.

Early morning walk by.

When in Rome go big or go home. A picture from the back of the church looking forward to the main altar located over the tomb of St Paul. The interior is 130 meters long, 65 meters wide, and 30 meters high. It has five naves separated by 80 granite columns, in size it is only second to St Peter's Basilica.

Main Altar located above the tomb of St Paul. The grill is the cut away into the tomb and above in the glass box is the chains used to shackle St Paul when he was incarcerated in Rome.

A picture with a great Saint. ( I mean me with St. Paul...😉.)

When you do not have enough columns, just add some more. This portico which has the statue of St Paul that I am standing in front of was added in front of the Basilica in 1923 has 150 columns!

The chapel of the Blessed Sacrament just to the right of the main altar.

Altar of Conversion, of Saul to St Paul. There used to be a statue of St Steven next to this alter to remind people of the martyr St who was the precursor to Saul's conversion. This alter situated on the left side of the main alter.

To the right side of is the altar of the assumption dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

First Mass in St Paul’s Basilica today. Sunday’s best on a Saturday.

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