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The Journey Begins.

Updated: Apr 28

Hello everyone, for those who don't know me my name is Anthony Duns, I am a seminarian to the Dioceses of Port Pirie South Australia. I am beginning my studies for the priesthood in BEDA seminary in Rome this year which will l take me four years to complete to become a priest.

I hope to be able to share this journey with you all over the coming years with regular posts and up dates of my time spent over here. I hope this will give an incite to life in a seminary and my on personal journey of the trials and joys of which I will undertake.

Although this will be the first time into a seminary I have actually been on the journey for over two years with studying and pastoral placements throughout the dioceses.

I will be travelling to Rome on Monday 19th September and arriving Tuesday for a Friday evening induction.

I have received my first fortnight program. Highlights, Mass in St Paul's and St Peters and audience with the Pope!


Friday, 23 September

New Arrivals

7.30 pm Supper followed by bar (or drinks in the garden)

Saturday, 24 September

9.00 am Mass at Saint Paul’s

10.30 am Coffee

11.00 am Meeting with the Rector

3.00 pm Walk in City

Sunday, 25 September

9.30 am Mass in College

Coffee in College

11.00 am Meeting with Academic Director

12.30 pm Bar

4.00 pm Meetings with Academic Director

5.00 pm Meeting with Spiritual Directors

5.30 pm Use of the Breviary

6.30 pm Holy hour and evening prayer

Monday, 26 September

6.30 am Depart for St. Peter’s

8.00 am Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica

Followed by breakfast in a nearby bar

11.30 am Meeting with Rector’s P.A.

2.00 pm Meeting in the Library

5.00 pm Meetings with Academic Director

7.10 pm Evening prayer

Tuesday 27th – Thursday 29th September

7.30 am Mass

7.10 pm Evening prayer

Group meetings with Fr Breen

Tuesday, 27th September

Pizza supper at ‘Pizzeria Al Peperoncino

Friday 30th September

7.30am Mass

9.30 am Depart for Grottaferrata

Visit to Castel Gandolfo

1.00 pm Lunch in Castel Gandolfo

Visit to Nemi

Saturday 1st October

7.30 am Morning Prayer

8.30 am Depart for S. Callisto and Mass

free afternoon; Evening Prayer in private

Sunday, 2nd October

7.40 am Morning prayer

11.00 am Mass in Santa Maria in Trastevere

Monday, 3rd October- Tuesday, 4th October

Meetings with Tish Nicoll

Wednesday, 5th October

7.00 am Breakfast

7.45 am Leave for St. Peter’s (Leave early Pope starts around 9.15)

10.00 am Papal audience

5.00 pm Meeting with Rector

6.45 pm Mass

Evening prayer in private

Thursday 6th October;

Dies Non

Friday 7th October;

University Registrations (am)

Friday-Sunday, 7th-9th October


Canon Philip Gillespie


30 May 2022

Here is my program for the year let me know if any highlights on the diary you might want me to cover. There are a few breaks in the year I could do some sight seeing and every Thursday is a free day!

Farewell at Port Pirie with parents Robert and Theresa and Bishop Karol

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