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Summer Placement

After Portugal it was off to London for my summer placement, instead of returning to Australia, Bishop Karol organised a placement in a Salvatorian parish in Harrow North West London for for weeks.

It's my first time to London so there is always a bit of time for some sight seeing.

Big Ben

Buckingham place.

Gardens in front of palace.

View up the Thames, Westminster to the left and the London eye to the right.

Blackfriars railway bridge.

It took a while but I found a Catholic Church in London, it was St George cathedral. It was the first church built after the legalisation of Catholicism in England after a 200 year ban in England. It was commissioned in 1839.

St Joseph's Harrow, the parish where I will be placed for four weeks.

St Joseph's is quite a busy parish with three active preists, servicing four Sunday mass' and at least two daily weekday masses and many other activities during the week including baptisms, weddings and funerals. There is a school on site as well that caters for up to 600 students which the preists also regularly visit and minister to.

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