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Stations of the Cross

On Friday evening we headed out to the Colosseum for the stations of the cross, usually the Pope attends but decided against it because of the cooler weather and his recent stay in hospital.

The colosseum lit up at night.

The Circus maximums at night the old emperors palaces lit up, from the metro we had to walk past, to the colosseum.

The Arch of Constantine erected in 315, to celebrate Emperor Constantine's victory in the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, which changed the coarse of Christianity forever, after he dedicated his victory to the Christian God and declared Christianity illegal no more.

The colosseum lit up at night is an awesome backdrop, for the stations.

The crowd waits for the stations to start.

The stations were held in the forum in fenced of are across a small park fenced off from the crowd. The olive trees give the feel of Gethsemany. The stations were read out on load speaker in Italian and reflection and prayer in Latin.

The station procession made its wat up the steps.

And finished at the top at cross that was lit up with flames, probably gas lit.

The theam for the stations, was Peace in a world at war, to make us think if what are we doing to bring peace into the world and not war.

The reflections are below in the link.

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