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Sicily Break - Cattolica Eraclea

Where in the world is Cattolica Eraclea? Up in the mountains nearly two and a half hours drive south from Palermo is the small town of Cattolica Eraclea or Catholic Hercules. Why did we go there? Not just because of the name, but because Tom who is writing a book is doing some research and his person of interest had a connection to the town. So we went to investigate.

View of Cattolica Eraclea from the mountain top above the city.

One of the churches in Cattolica has had a recent facelift.

The town square and council clock, not much happening around midday in Cattolica.

After lunch we headed out of town into the mountains in search of our next destination.

On-top of a high peak and nestled in between olive and pine trees is a retreat center that was built around 20 years ago inspired by a local priest and backed by Tom's man of interest. Unfortunately it looks like a lot of time and effort has gone into building and setting up, but it looks to be well under untilised.

There are many devotional stations around the property including stations of the cross, rosary mystery's, apparition figures Fatima and Lourdes.

Our Lady of Fatima.

On top of the peak on the property is a statue of Jesus Christ, the redeemer.

We prayed a Devine mercy chaplet before heading on our way.

We headed back to Palermo along the west coast of Sicily from Cattolica Eraclea, and found a town on the beachside called Trapani where we enjoyed the sunset and Castel by the forshore.

The bay at sunset.

From there we headed to Alcamo for dinner and found the local cathedral although it was closed by the time we arrived. On top of the to tower to the right Our Lady is lit up.

The drive back into Palermo was a bit more civil at this at this time of night although dark. This was our last night in Palermo we would leave for Catania in the morning.

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