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Sicily Break - Palermo

End of term has come around and again with exams completed it was time for some relaxation and a bit of exploration. My friend Tom had already planned a trip to Sicily a few months earlier, so a quick look in the internet some cheap flights and accommodation were found and Seth and I decided to join Tom for a few days in Sicily.

An early flight out Rome saw us land in Catania, and a bus ride up to Palermo. The main attractions in Palermo are the Palermo Cathedral and the Royal palace.

The Palermo Cathedral, was built in 1176 after the Normans removed the Arabs Muslim rulers from Sicily. The cathedral and much of the buildings incorporate Arab and Byzantine styles to reflect the varied history of Sicily.

Inside the cathedral is a bit bland compared to other churches in the town.

The side chapel dedicated to Our Lady.

The side chapel with the blessed sacrament and tabinacle.

At the other end of the town park is the Royal Palace. This where the King lived and he had his own chapel in side as well. Current the building is still used for some government offices and the rest is a museum.

The Royal palace.

The entrance to the chapel.

The altar asp.

The mosaics on walls depict Genesis and the creation story. Below that depicts the story of Jesus Christ and on the outer wall is the Acts of the Apostles.

The ceiling on the side of the naves, fully decorated with many images of saints and people and royal family.

The other end of the chapel is where the royals would sit, with a mosaic of Jesus flanked by St.'s Peter and Paul. The ceiling is an intricate design of wood that features eight sided stars, flanked by arches that are decorated with paintings of saints and biblical stories.

After a long day sightseeing we found a local pizza bar and enjoyed some local cousine.

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