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Nemi Retreat

Time for our mid year retreat again and it was back up to Nemi, and the Society of the Devine Word (SVD) retreat center named Ad Gentes Center, after the Vatican II document, in English To the Nation's.

The stunning views over Lake Nemi from the centre.

The center with the main chapel protruding above the roof line. A six night and seven days of silence only punctuated by morning and evening prayer and midday mass. As well as the prayer intervals we also had two half hour lectures morning and afternoon.

Our small chapel we used for prayer and mass. The center has five chapels and can cator for multiple groups at a time.

In the outside of prayer, lectures and meals we were free to wander around the property or venture down to the town of Nemi and surrounds to have a look around. The road down from the centre to Nemi.

The town of Nemi on the side of the hill.

The beautiful little church of The Sanctuary of the Crisifix, where I would go and pray my morning rosary. The carved mage of Jesus is very detailed and it is said the the face was finished miraculously one night after many hours of the body being worked on by the sculpture it dates back to 1669.

The main street in Nemi filled with cafes and boutique produce shops that specialised in local produce mainly strawberries. You can buy a range of products from fresh berries to tarts and even strawberrie liquor.

On Sunday the silence was broken and and it was back to Rome to start the new term on Monday. Hopefully the prayers and rest over the last week will be enough to get me and the other seminarians through the next term.

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3 commentaires

Kingsley Chikwendu Madubuike
Kingsley Chikwendu Madubuike
24 févr.

Beautiful pictures and a short exposition of an enriching time at Nemi. Good job, Anthony!


Andrew Vaitiekunas
Andrew Vaitiekunas
19 févr.

Beautiful shots which capture the tranquility of Nemi.

20 févr.
En réponse à

Thanks Andrew

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