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Nativity at St Peters

I have been a bit slow on posts lately and been quite busty with studies and seminary activities, only a week to go and it is start of Christmas break which I am looking forward to, I will be getting a few more posts up over this period, and hopefully getting about Italy a bit more as well. I will be staying in Rome with a half a dozen seminarians while the rest are going back to their parishes.

Yesterday I went with a friend to St Peters for Mass for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, it was a public day off in Rome and public transport was free. We arrived early and it was still dark just before seven, and were able to view the Christmas tree lights on and the manger in St Peters square. The manger and figures are made from wood and they still smell of freshly carved wood, they look really nice. The Christmas tree is also a real tree.

A beautiful time of the day in Rome, quite and not many people around.


This years nativity seen comes from Sutrio, in northern Italy. The Christmas tree was decorated by three groups of people, "la Quaddrifoglio" psychiatric rehabilitation facility, elderly patients from "Sant Antonio" care center Borello Italy and school children from Pizzoferrato, Quadri, and Villa Santa Maria.

Vatican Christmas Nativity Scene 2022 - YouTube , I found this on YouTube, it has a bit more detail on the sculptures. Hope everyone has got their nativity and Christmas tree up at home!

And the Beda chappal crib.

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