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Medjugorgie- Day 1: Split

Easter break has come and it was a good opportunity to travel again, this time it was of to Medjugorgie with Fr Richard and myself. The first day we arrived in Split Croatia and spent the day looking around before we headed down to Medjugorgie.

Split from the top of the cathedral bell tower.

View of Split bay from on top of the bell tower.

The main attraction in Split is the palace of Diocletian which was built in the late 3rd century. It has survived to this day because over the years it has been lived in by successive generations of people who have built into the palace walls thus keeping them maintained and strengthened.

In the center of the palace is the Split Cathedral which is was originally built as the temple of Jupiter, before being transformed into a Catholic church. It now has a bell tower built on the front which can be climbed up to enjoy the views of the city.

Inside the cathedral.

In the afternoon we headed down the coast to Medjugorgie along the spectacular Croatian coast.

Some parts of the road were quite high and close to the edge of the cliff, which made for spectacular views.

By evening we had arrived in Medjugorgie.

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Apr 04

Yes spectacular but a bit scary driving around the cliffs!


Kingsley Chikwendu Madubuike
Kingsley Chikwendu Madubuike
Apr 04

I like the spectacular views from the bell tower and the edge of the cliff. Splendid😍!

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