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Beda sweet Home

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

I have changed the post to Beda sweet home as the rector has told us that this is our home for the next four years. Being a home we are allowed to have guests stay over there is a wing with guest rooms available. If anyone is travelling to Europe and passing through Rome you may be able to stay at the college for a few days depending on the time of year.

I arrived in Rome Tuesday morning very tired and weary from long travel had lunch and straight to bed.

Here are some picks of my accommodation. Sparse but functional. Showers and toilets located directly across the hall.

This room is reserved for....

The hallway

The View, St Paul's Basilica just across the road to the left you can just make out the top of the main dome with cross on it. To the right is a children's hospital also obscured by the trees.

Below are the two chapels in Beda. The main one is directly below.

Woe to the seminarian on the 4th floor. There are four floors in the Beda college and with dinning and lecture rooms on the bottom floor chapels and rooms are all up from there. Lift can only be used for taking up heavy items, suitcases etc. I'm on the third floor. (scroll up from the bottom).

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