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Easter Mass

Updated: Apr 11

Sunday morning I was fortunate enough to be able to celebrate mass at St Peter's with the Pope. The Beda seminary was invited to accompany the Venerable English College (VEC), to sing before mass and the Beda would provide the backup melody. We were seated on the top of St Peter's steps behind the alter we had good view of all the serimonies and the large crowd that attended, estimated at over 100,000.

Another early morning start at the bust stop, to get to St Peter's. Everyone in cassocks.

Meet up with the VEC boys outside St Peter's.

Our position was on the top steps of St Peter's behind the altar.

Before mass we had enough time have look around the altar and inspect the floral displays, they smelt as good as they looked.

Apparantly the flowers were brought in from the Neatherlads especially for the Easter Mass. They were all in pots and were able to be taken away and used again. They looked and smelt sensation.

Me in cassock in front of crucifix and flowers.

Pope Francis been wheeled out for the begging of mass. Our choir sung a bout half an hour before mass and before the rosary. It only lasted about 5 minutes but it went really well. The VEC sung a verse in welsh and the others in English and the Beda kept backing melody going.

After mass the Swiss Guard performed a guard of honour.

Then it was time for "Ubri te Orbi" the Easter blessing and message. "Christ has truly risen"

The Easter mass experience was a great blessing and end to a very prayerful Lenten built up and an end to our own college tridium celebrations. It is something I will always remember, as they say in Italy "Buona Pasqua", may you all have a very happy and blessed Easter.

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