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Via Francigena - Day 6

Off to Molfetta today with the costal town of Bisciglua about halfway between making a good break in the 22km walk.

The road out of Traini a feature of today's walk where the beaches changed from the white sand to white rocks.

Lady of the Martyrs statue Molfetta. Unfortunately lighting was not the best to show me up.

Road out of Trani, the white pebble beaches were a feature on today's walk.

A small church dedicated to St John the Baptist along the road, probably not in use anymore.

Between Trani and Molfetta is the town of Bisciglua which has impressive beaches of spotless white stone.

I had to go for a walk on this, only time constant stopped me from going in for a swim, the morning is the best time for walking and if I got in I would probably be in all morning.

Olive trees on the way into Molfetta.

Arrive in Molfetta, harbour with Church of St. Conrad in the background.

The church of St Conrad.

I got my swim in the afternoon with the local's.

At the other end of the bay is the Minor Basilica of our Lady of Martyrs. The Port Pirie people would know this for the festival of Maddona di Martiri.

Inside the basilica, I was able to catch the evening mass which I have worked out is pretty standard down the coast at 7pm.

The side chapel with the statue of the Maddona.

The Maddona, it looks like they have done some recent work on the chapel with new mosaic tiles on the wall, and flags of countries beside the Maddona where I presume other Maddona di Martiri festivals are held. Australian flag to the left.

The church is run by the Franciscans, and they even had a statue of St Anthony at the back.

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