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Via Francigena - Day 15

A rest day in Brindisi although there was lots to see and do I made a point of limiting myself to the old city where I was staying. In the last five days I had walked Over 130km that I had tracked on my GPS watch and that didn't include any walking around the towns when I had reached my destination.

The Cathedral of Brindisi, St John the Baptist.

Inside, all quite plain,

Until I looked in the Blessed Sacrament chapel. A painting if the Lord at the last supper.

The left hand altar had was dedicated to he Saint Theodore and even had some relics of his under the altar, Theodore was a Roman who refused to offer sacrifice to the Roman gods under the Emperor Diocletian's reing and was eventually exercuted for after a couple of attempts.

The right chapel had a number of Saints, in there including St Nicholas, St Francis, St Mary, and St Rita.

Roman columns set up in what is now designated as a peace display.

Not far from behind the Cathedral was the harbour and in the distance is the fort on the entrance protecting the harbour.

A tower with a statue of Our Lady looking over the harbour. It is hard to see but she is in the notch near the top.

Ships in the bay, ferries transporting accross the Adriatic. The closest country from here is Albania.

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